As Happy As A….

Sometimes in the mornings, when we’ve been rushing to get out the door and this Mummy has been a wee bit shouty and short and may (or may not have) lost her temper a little bit, everyone gets a little bit of a pout and grump on.  One day after a bit of a morning that was worse than normal with kids (and I) being grumpier than normal I took a deep, deep breath and decided to change our moods.  I wasn’t going to wallow in the grumpy anymore.  And as such we as a family (Sans Mr D who was at work) decided that day we would be “as happy as Unicorns on Rainbows eating Cupcakes”!! Because that is as happy as you can be!!! Seriously! How much more happy can a person get??

And so….that brings me to my card…..This is take #2 of the Rainbow Unicorn Series.  There will be many more to come.  I feel it deep, deep down in my cockles.

rainbow unicorn


Have an AWESOME weekend!

Madonna x

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