Oh Dear Blog!

Dear Blog,

What a neglectful mother/owner/writer you have.  Posts for 2011 haven’t had a good average.  The world has seemed to have gotten busier and as such you have been the one who’s missed out on my time.  I do apologise if you’ve missed me.  I don’t apologise for the extra time spent with family and away from the computer!!

Blog, I won’t make promises i’m unable to keep in 2012.  For me the next year is about simplifying things.  De-cluttering the stuff in my life that isn’t so important. Now, now don’t go getting all in a tizzy. I’m *not* talking about you.  I mean the more physical clutter in my life.  Stuff I have kept for the “one day I’ll use this/need this” factor.

My next to littlest baby starts prep next year Blog!  Can you believe that!?!!  This is the child that wasn’t even one when you and I first hooked up!  Huh!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  So hopefully next year will see me get some organisation about how many days I’m creating and as such, how many times I can get on board and update you!  Are you excited?  I hope so.  Now, I’m not gonna promise miracles but we’ll aim for more than one post a month.

Anyway Blog, I just wanted you to know that you aren’t forgotten.  I’m gonna dust off the cobwebs and lets see what good things 2012 can bring us!!!  Have a Happy New Year to you and your visitors! May 2012 bring you peace and happiness along with whatever it is your goals are for the beginning of a New Year.  Cheers to New Beginnings and new Chapters of lives!!!

All my love,