Celebrating Lara

Phew! What a big weekend we had!!  It was awesome celebrating Lara’s birthday with some of our dearest friends and family.  My Lara was a little star and coped beautifully with the noise and excitement of her very large extravaganza!!  Wanna see some pics??

Here’s the banner and the tissue paper pom pom that I made:

The cake:

and inside the Cake:

Lara’s Lolly bar

The whole table with all the cakes!

The cool hanging balloons outside. I got this idea from Pinterest.  You thread the balloons along a string….looked really cool!

Here is the birthday girl, ready to have us all sing Happy Birthday!

Here she is modelling her lovely Cupcake Clips in honour of Little Kate who passed away in May. Kate was a “playmate” from playgroup and was very much on our minds during Lara’s celebration.

It was a fantastic day and it’s hard to believe it’s been and gone and now she’s really 3. Scary stuff!

Anyway I hope you liked the pics!!

Until next time!


Happy Birthday Lara May!!

Three! Three!! My littlest princess is THREE!!!  Where oh where has those last three years gone?  Well I can tell you they’ve been spent holding her tight and kissing her sweet little cheeks and loving on her as much as we possibly can!  When we started this journey three short and yet interminable years ago I can honestly say we were clueless.  I look back at my naitivity and (I guess that in so many ways I still am) and I shake my head. But I have learnt many things from this road we’ve been down.

I’ve learnt practical things like putting a MicKey Button back in (Yuck!) when I’ve accidentally pulled it out! I’ve learnt patience and tolerance, two things I was lacking before in vast quantities!  I’ve learnt that I would do anything for my children and that I have an inner Mama Lioness inside me who will rip you to shreds if you mess with my babies.  I’ve learnt more about the disability sector than I ever cared to and yet I still know nothing. I have met some of the nicest, bestest, strongest most amazing Women that I think you could ever meet.  I’ve had the honour of being able to call them friend and call on them when I’ve needed to.  I’ve learnt that I am stronger than I ever thought I would have been in the face of the hardest thing put in my path to date. I’ve learnt that even though this journey has been rough, loving Lara is EASY. She is the most beautiful soul.  She’s had to endure the hardest, horriblest days of pain and discomfort and yet she toughs it out and comes out the other end with her sweet little nature in tact.  I’ve learnt that love doesn’t need to be spoken and that it is shared in a look, a lift of the side of the mouth and an imperceptible squeeze.  I’ve learnt that Mark and I really make an awesome team.

My list of what I have learnt could go on and on and fill pages. I know that when we finally realised Lara was different I thought it was awful and that grief I carried for the baby I “should” have had filled my heart for such a long time.  But despite that, I know she is perfect and she is perfect for us. I cannot fathom what my life would be like without her in it.  She has given me an appreciation for what is and isn’t important in this world. And for that I am eternally grateful.

So Happy Happy third birthday my sweet little princess.  Know that you are loved beyond measure and you are sunshine in our lives.

Lara at Birth:

Lara at One:

(Photo taken by Aedita Maree Photography)

Lara at Two:

(Photo taken by Aedita Maree Photgraphy)

Lara Now:

Today I will be Celebrating Lara! We’ve organised 90 or so of our nearest and dearest to come and Celebrate Lara with us as well!! I’ll be back with photos of our day!!

Until next time,