Shoebox swapping..

Hi! Back again after a short (ahem) delay in programming!!  Last weekend on Saturday I had the pleasure of sharing my stamping space with 10 of the loveliest ladies I know! These are some of the members of my MAD Inkstincts Stampin’ Up! team.  It’s always a great day when you get together with a group of like minded women!

As part of the day we organised a shoebox swap. If you’ve never participated in one of these before, it’s heaps of fun. Sometimes when i’m with a whole bunch of other people stamping, I get sidetracked watching what everyone else is doing and forgetting that I am supposed to be stamping too! With a shoebox, all the work is done for you. It gave me a chance to make 10 different styles of cards and do things I don’t normally do! (ahem TEARING!) lol.  Some things were easier to do than others (TEARING was not easy and I didn’t enjoy it but I DID it!).  Annette of Lavender Thoughts is our resident interesting fold girl. She always makes something that stretches our imaginations. I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of the other cards yet but when I do i’ll pop them up for you to see!

Anyway! Here is my swap card.  It’s a little left of field for me. Not my usual style, however I loved it. Maybe I need to do this more often!  I’d be very interested to know your opinion on this card.  I don’t know if the picture does it justice…..let me know what you think!

And here is a little collage of my friends on the day:

I’m sorry if I’m a bit absent at the moment. Classes are due to resume soon. This last little while has been a bit chaotic. My Lara ended up in hospital this week for a virus.  And that always makes life tricky.  I am hoping for some good crafting time soon!

Until next time!
Happy Stamping,

Inkspirations Sketch for Baby Jane!

Phew, just scraping in for the Inkspirations Sketch this week!!  If you want to know why i’ve not been crafty then this is your reason:

Because I’m a grot! LOL

BUT! I did create some stuff because I had a perfectly little pink reason to!!  And her name is Jane – Look:

I know! Perfection!!  Wanna know what I made??

This canvas using retired Raspberry Tart DSP. These were some of my fave papers ever and I cracked my last packet to make this:

And as I’d been checking out the latest sketch from Makeesha and her DT I thought it would work to make the card! And whilst it doesn’t “match” the canvas (gasp! I know!), I think it’s pretty cute!

And the sketch it was based on:

If you’ve got any questions about the card, drop me a line.

Until next time (whereby, I hope to have a clean desk!),

Happy stamping!!

Oh Hai!

Dear blog,

It wasn’t my intention to desert you again. My apologies….again!  I’ve been busy. With you know, stuff!  Life stuff.  I’ve had no classes or anything for a couple of weeks so that’s kept me quiet in the papercraft front. I have however, been busy taking pictures with my new camera and also doing a touch of sewing.  Now I know this is a papercraft blog, but would you like to see some of my other creative pursuits? Sure! I’d love to show you (just nod and smile, nod and smile!).

Firstly here’s a couple of my favourite pictures from a quick day trip to the country last week.  My Husband was born on a farm and his Mum still lives in the family home. My children enjoyed running in the same paddocks their Daddy did some Thirty odd years agp.

(can I add the above photo has not been edited in anyway. This is how glorious the day was. I know! Stunning!)

Ok so i’ve also made (with a little help and guidance from Mummy dear) a little handbag using some divine yellow with white polkadots! Too cute! Just the right size for sunnies, wallet, phone and keys for those quick trips to the shop etc.

And the inside:

Ok, that’s it! All i’ve got! I want to try and get to making cards but umm..well my desk is a bit of a mess at the moment and I can’t seem to find the time or motivation to clean it up…soon though! I promise!

Until next time!
Happy Creative Pursuits!