Deals of the Week #1

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! I’ve been quite busy this last few weeks.  We had the baby shower for my friend Becky and then the last week of school.  Last weekend hubby and I skipped off (alright! we actually drove!) child free to the Sunshine Coast for a gorgeous wedding in some awesome gardens overlooking the coast.  Bliss.  I indulged in more alcohol than was necessarily good for me and had a lovely relaxing time.  Before the school holiday madness started!  This week has seen me chasing my tail (well, not my actual tail, just my figurative one!) and my children.  I have good intentions to blog more regularly but I just don’t seem to get there.  Oh well! I’m here now!!

In the last week of school I whipped up 3 “bunny boxes” for Kate & Tom’s teachers and then needed another 3 for Alexandra’s teachers and the (most awesome) Nanny (whom we love and cannot do without) (just in case she reads this!).  I got my original idea from Danni Graves here.  But since then have seen variations of them popping up on the internets.  As cute things are want to do!  My pics are just my very ordinary iPhone photos as my camera wasn’t to be found!

A variety of punches were used along with the Top Note Big Shot die and the Fancy Favour box as the umm well, box! LOL. If you really really want to know, just email me. Oh yeah, and forgive the one on the left, he/she had eye surgery minutes before this photo was taken and the surgeon possibly wasn’t paying as much attention as she should have been!

We’ve also been getting crafty with some other Wascilly Wabbits this last few days and made some little bunnies for the kids to give their friends. Again these pics are just done on the iPhone.  Hoping with all my bits and pieces crossed to be getting a fandangled SLR camera for a combined Mothers Day and Birthday as i’m lucky enough for them to fall in the same month. Yay. I can’t promise my pictures will be any better though! LOL

The bunny itself I saw somewhere on a blog and cannot for the life of me remember where.  Theirs was brown, and very cute!  I changed a few things and then added the little “cup” for the single egg to go in the back.  I had to put a base on the bunnies as they weren’t very stable without it.  It was awful, one of the eggs fell out and cracked! I did the only thing a responsible mother could do.  I ate the faulty egg before it could distress my children.  I know.  Always making sacrifices! LOL

The other pictures i’ll leave you with (ugh again with the iPhone!) are just some quickies from Becky’s Baby Shower.  It was awesome!

Ok, that’s it!  I’ve got nothin’ else.  If I find the time tomorrow, i’ll take some pictures of the cards and box a group of lovely young ladies made at a kids class I ran this week.

Hope you have a happy and safe Easter.

Until next time!
Happy Stamping!