Donations for Lara

I have temporarily removed the Donate button on my sidebar. I’m just in the process of sorting out some paperwork and legal whoha to ensure that everything is above board etc etc.

I want to thank those of you who have donated to the cause so far. I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. I am a bit speechless really!! (I know! A first!)

I’ll keep you all posted as to what is happening regarding the fundraising. Keep your eyes peeled closer to November (Lara’s Birthday month) – we’re going to be doing some great things in conjunction with a plethora of “famous” stampers here in Australia and from Overseas as well!!

Hope to get stamping soon!

Friends never Fade

I’ve not had much time this last couple of weeks to do much “just because” creating.  My hubby has been overseas and in between dealing with the everyday bits of life with sick kids (I’m ready for summer and no coughs and colds please!) I just haven’t been able to do so much.

Today I pulled out a *brand new* stamp set from the *brand new* catalogue!!  Oh yes it’s very exciting!!  Anyway, I have been the recipient of a lot of good and wonderful people doing good and wonderful things these last few days so the sentiment on this stamp just made my heart feel happy!!

friends never fade

friends never fade1

I’ve used the 1″ circle punch to create the scallops and another brand new flower punch to make the flower!!  Won’t be long now until you can get your hands on a catalogue!!  If you don’t have a current demonstrator to get your catty off, email me and I can post one out to you.

Hope that wherever you are it’s not too windy for you today!!  It’s blowing a gale here!!

Chat soon,

My Lara May

Hi again,

Just a quick note to let you know i’ve added a Donate Now button to the blog —————-> over here on the right.  If you would like to help me to raise the funds for Lara’s Chair then please feel free to donate, and know it comes with my gratitude!!


For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little bit of background for you:

Lara’s Story
Lara May Dunn, my fourth child, was born on the 5th of November 2008.  The first sign that something was not right were Lara’s feet which were twisted and turned.  At 6 weeks she was back in hospital for failing to thrive.  A gamut of testing was started to try to find out what was going on…blood tests, x-rays and even an MRI.  Her head hadn’t grown – Microcephaly was diagnosed.  Nothing could be detected.  There were no answers to be found in the genetic testing.
At 5 months Lara was back in hospital.  This time the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for laser surgery on her floppy voice box.  Another gamut of tests and a diagnosis of severe reflux and Cerebral Palsy.  This time they put a nasal gastric tube in and all her feeds were directed through there.  By October of 2009 the NG tube had been replaced with a “button”, which is a direct line into her tummy for feeds.  She will never eat a meal with our family conventionally or “normally”.
Over the last {almost} two years, Lara has been in and out of hospital with many different complex medical issues.  She is so fragile and yet has a core of steel and is such a fighter!!  She has grown so much!
With her growth has come a need for more specialised equipment.  One of which is a Leckey Hi Low chair.  A specialised seating system that can be adjusted to fit Lara perfectly.  It’s on a wheel base which means she can be more a part of our family.  She is able to be moved to where we are.  She is not limited to where we can take her in and around our house.  She can be exactly where the action is at any given time!
We are trying to fundraise the money to purchase one of these wonderful chairs – how much money??  They are upwards of $6000.  We are trying to get funding for some of it but I am working with other stampers and dear friends to find ways to get the rest.
I don’t want to limit where Lara is able to go in our house. She will never walk or run or play with her siblings in any conventional way and yet she can still be present as they do those things.  Your help in our efforts is very much appreciated.

With my Gratitude,


Aedita Maree Photographer

How AWESOME are some people??  Yep, VERY AWESOME!!  The very talented and wonderful Aedita Maree is offering a MASSIVE saving on Portrait photography all in aid of my Lara May!!  Check out the deal HERE!  Half price sitting! Unreal!

So, if you are in Brisbane or even close by.  PLEASE consider having a portrait sitting done.  She’s awesome and kind and generous and well, just a great friend for getting on board our efforts to raise funds for some mobility for my Lara May!

What we are looking to purchase is called a Leckey Hi Low seating system.  Here’s a picture of Lara looking very grown up sitting in the one we have been able to trial for suitability:


What it means is that we are able to move her around with the family.  She can come right up to the dinner table and join us at meal times {even if she’ll never “share” a meal with us}.  The kids can include her in their games and can move her easily throughout the house with them.  I can wheel her to the laundry door when I’m hanging washing, or the kitchen when I’m doing dishes!  It means she’s more a part of all that we do.  The seating system is around the $6000 dollar mark.  While we are trying to get some funding from the government to cover costs, not all of the amount will be met.  Which is where we need your help!

Over the next few months, I will be doing a fair bit of different kinds of fundraising to help cover these costs.  Stay tuned for some interesting things!!  In the meantime, if you are local to Brisbane NOW is a great time to get some family photos done – just in time for Christmas gifts!!!

Until next time!

Last Chance List

Hi all!!

Well the Stampin’ Up! Last Chance list is here!!  What is it??  It’s the list of all the products – stamps, inks, paper, accessories etc that are retiring come 31 August!!

Wanna see??  Go check it out HERE.

This is it!  The last chance to get ORGANIC OUTLINES {sob sob} and many other great stamps and accessories before they’re gone for good.  Once this product runs out there won’t be anymore, so get in quick.  Email me with any orders.

Until next time,