Merry Christmas everyone!!!!  I hope that wherever you are you are having a MAGNIFICENT DAY with the ones you love!! (I certainly am!!  Beceause through the magical powers technology i’ve scheduled this a few days ago! Tricky no? heehee)

merry christmas

I’m having a few days off now so i’ll see you all in the New Year!!  Stay safe!

Thank you to all those who have visited me throughout 2009.  Thanks for your friendship and support!!  May 2010 be a year of new beginnings and good times!!

Take care!!

Summer Mini Launch Stuff

Taking a break from the Christmas posts today to slip in a quickie from the Summer Mini Launch I held.  These are the projects that we made:

summer mini launch
My pics aren’t that fabbo.  I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t take many.  Slacker eh?

The fishy card is the Sweet Treat Cup filled with blue Chunky glitter and water.  I got the idea of it from Roxy’s  blog.  Check out her Christmas one.  Gorgeous.  I think next time I make one of these I might add some glycerin to the mix to make the glitter stay suspended longer. 

The little Tangerine Tango Box at the front had a lollypop and a chocolate in for my guests.  Love that flower?  I learnt how to do that at Regionals.  All it takes is two 5 Petal Flower punches, a brad and a little bit of patience!!  (Santa might bring me some more for Christmas if i’m good eh? LOL) 

Only ONE more sleep until Santa comes!!! Woo hoo!!  Getting exciting around here!!  Hope I was good enough to get what I asked for!!!  ;-)

Until next time!
Stay safe this holiday season!!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me;

Have you got that song in your head yet?   Well you will if you listen to this.  hee hee very cute!!

One of the things I love bestest about Christmas time is putting up the tree with the kids.  I love all the crafty items that come home and get pride of place wherever they can reach.  I love that it becomes a muddle fuddle mix of baubles of the same colour side by side.  Tinsel that is far from symetrical and bits and pieces with gaps and all.  Once upon a time it would have driven me mad (shock for some of you to hear that I know! Hee).  But now, I love it.  It pleases me!!

christmas tree09
It’s not perfect but it’s ours.  What’s on it was made with love.  And there’s no other way I’d rather have it!!

Until next time!!
Hope your all having a marvellous Christmas season!!


Welcome Amaya

My sister Anna gave birth to a beautiful little girl in early November.  I’ve not seen her yet, just some pictures and they were gorgeous!!  I can’t wait to meet her!  I was hoping to meet her last week but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  I did leave her gift though.  Still doing the decorated bag thing!  Probably not going to be stopping any time soon.  I think i’ve still got about 34 bags left in my stash!!  lol


The card:


A little detail of the bag:


I love these papers.  But Pumpkin Pie would just about have to be one of my most favouritist colours!!  Orange really does make me happy on the inside!!  LOL

Ok, more Christmas stuff for you tomorrow!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

Pretty baubles & trees please me!

Now say that ten times in a row real fast!!!  Or perhaps not!

I mentioned yesterday that I had made some baubles and trees.  Amy Rysavy has a great tutorial over on her blog ——–> HERE.  Check them out if you’d like to make some yourself.  I am not an expert.  I found them tricksy.  Perhaps it is my patience levels!!  Anyway, I still love how they turned out!  I used nearly a whole pot of Dazzling Diamonds and a fair bit of the Super Nova Chocolate glitter (Stampin’ Up!) so be prepared with plenty of glitter on hand.  I did try one with the chunky glitter, but I didn’t love the result so I went back to using the very fine stuff.


The trees are made using my Ski Slope DSP and the Boho Blossoms punch.  The base was just a styrofoam shape I picked up at a craft store a couple of years ago.   I put them all on a white platter from my cupboard when they were done and Voila a table centrepiece for Christmas.  I was very happy with how they turned out and it’s nice to just sit and admire them.  Pretty things make my heart happy!

Hope you are all surviving the joys of the Christmas Season!!  I’ll see you tomorrow for a non-Christmas related post.

Until then,
Happy Stamping!

Not many more sleeps now!!!

OOOhhh it’s getting very exciting!!  Not too many more sleeps until Santa comes!!  I’ve been very busy doing all the things that being a mother of 4 brings!  Along with all the extra stuff that I like to do at Christmas!!

I’ve been busy making Puddings (chocolate kind), fudge, gifts and decorations with the kids.  Here’s some of what i’ve been up to in pictures.

rocky road puddings

I love Rocky Road puddings!!  I love the traditional kind too but I could make a whole bunch  of these real quick!!  Yum.  I did think of my hips though and gave them all away!!  LOL

Next was a whole bunch of these Calendar/Notepad holder thing-a-ma-jiggies.  I needed some gifts for Lara’s Physio, OT, Speech Therapist, Key Worker, Respite Carer and a few others that have been there this year on our Journey.  Fairly basic, no stamping but they looked good!  I also added a little packet of some Fudge I had made to each bag.

christmas gifts

I also made some cute trees and baubles but i’ll post those tomorrow!

Hope you’re all enjoying the Silly Season!!!

Until Next time,
Happy Stamping!

Happy Birthday Billy

Hi!  Another quick post this evening!!  Below is the card and bag that I made the little boy who lives next door for his birthday.  He’s my Alexandra’s best friend and since his birthday she is desperate to have hers!  My Hubby had his last week, then there is baby Jesus and then Alexandra in January.  Such a long wait!!  LOL

Anyway, here’s the gift bags and card:
billy birthday

And then the card on it’s ownsome:

billy birthday card1

billy birthday card

I really hope the Choo Choo set makes it into the big Catalogue next year – I’m gonna miss it!!

Must keep running tonight!!  Busy as usual!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!

Envelope Scrapbook Tutorial

envelope scrapbook1

Remember my post about the Envelope Scrapbook I demonstrated at Regionals?  Well I’ve finally gotten around to doing a quick tutorial.  I’m sorry about the delay but I have had my holiday go-slows on!!  We got back from the Beach on Tuesday and I have had my Mum staying with me so I have just been enjoying doing not much of anything!!

Anyway you didn’t come here to hear me waffling.  With this scrapbook, you can have as many pockets as you please.  I chose four because I have four children.  I’m sure it would work with as many as you needed it to.

Start with a Whisper White Envelope with the flap open:

ES Tutorial1
Add sticky strip around the flap section, making sure that you do not go right up to the fold.  You want to leave a couple of milimetre gap to give you a little room to fill the pocket and still be able to open and shut the scrapbook easily.
ES Tutorial2

Carefully attach your first envelope to the second.  Ensuring that it’s straight and that the envelopes are both facing the same way.

ES Tutorial3

Keep adhering the envelopes together until you have the necessary amount for your scrapbook.  I used a circle punch to then take out the tab piece from the front of the envelope.  It helps to get the inserts out.

ES Tutorial4

The inserts for the envelopes measured 10cm x 15 cm.  I just used part of an I wish Scrapping Kit to decorate mine.  I think i’d like to do one using some different colours.  It would make a cute gift for a new baby too!

envelope scrapbook inserts

Very easy to put together! 

I hope that helped.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Until next time,
Happy stamping!


On Holidays!!

Hi all!!

I’m taking a break with my family.  I’m sitting in the dining room of the lovely holiday home and listening to the sounds of the ocean waves from over the back of the property!!  There’s a park right beside our house (with a gate in the property!) and then on the other side of the park is the path to the ocean.  Bliss.


And should the ocean not be to our satisfaction then we can always cool off in the pool that’s right outside!!

the pool

So whilst i’d planned to have my tutorials created and posted the lure of the big fat nothing has me in its grasp and I can’t see a way out for the next few days!!

Thinking of you all as I sip my chilled wine and listen to the laughter of my children and my nieces as they frolic in the pool and the waves of the ocean.

Until next week!
Happy Stamping!!