Gift box Kinda sorta Tutorial

Hello all!!  I promised i’d be back by the end of the weekend with the tutorial details for the box that I made Yvonne.  Here I am!!

I have been having discussions with my computer about transferring the document I created the tutorial in across to my blog, however the computer seems to be winning it’s case at the moment!!  SO if you would like a document emailed to you with the instructions in it, please contact me.

I have also come the conclusion that i’m a bit crap at instructions, so i’m apologising in advance!!

Hope to be back soon with some more things i’ve been making!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

A pile of monkeys & a gift box

I’m sorry!!!  I was on such a roll last week with my posting and then we had a funeral for a relative to go to and dramas with our kitten.  I’ve had medical appointments for Lara this week and 3 classes as well!!!  It’s been very busy!!  But i’m here now!!!  LOL

The following cards are a bit of a joke.  Several of the Australian Demos do not love the Sock Monkey.  I think that’s been established before!!  Well, this week I got the Sock Monkey stamp set and I whipped up these cards to give to some of those demos!!  I’m going for a little day trip up to Noosa to visit them on their incentive trip. 


And on the inside i’ve added a little something extra:

At convention in May I tried to snap pics of a bunch of demos with my monkey.  I couldn’t find all the pics but i’ve found enough to have a bit of a laugh with a few demos!!  The stamp on the inside says “you and moi?  ooh la la!”.  Which makes me laugh when I think of it in terms of said people with my monkey!!!  LOL.  The picture above shows Alisa Tilsner getting up close and personal!!  I’ve even made a card for Shelli Gardner & enclosed the picture I took of her and the monkey!!  Can’t wait to see their faces as they open their cards!!  I crack me up!!  LOL

The gift box following is for a fellow demo and good friend Yvonne Campbell. 

And inside the box:


I have done another box and taken pics step by step as I made it.  I should be able to get that up on the blog by the end of the weekend for you all.  I’ll have the instructions and measurements then.  The finished box was 7″ x 7″  x 2.5″.

Ok better keep running now, I’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of me!

Until next time!
Happy stamping!!

Great Friends Walk in the Park

…or something like that!!   Now, don’t panic.  I don’t want to alarm anyone here. BUT…..are you aware that this is three posts in a row?!?  I think I must be ill!!  LOL


These cards are nearly my favourite ones that i’ve made from the Great Friend set yet.  I LOVE that Butterfly.  Love it!  I’ve also used Oval All and the Walk in the Park Designer Series Papers from the Spring Mini Catalogue again. 



The layout on both cards was the same.  I just did one vertical and one horizontal.   I’ve used my cuttlebug and swiss dots folder for the white strip on both cards.  I love the knobbly effect!!!  I know.  I’m  odd.  It’s ok, you can say it out loud, i’ve come to terms with it!! LOL

Ok, enough waffling on.  Must keep running and dealing to wee small people!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

Pink, Blue & Yellow Choo

Hi again!!  Amazing!!  It’s not been a week since I posted!!  LOL

Here are three cards that I’ve created for the Cards for Children Classes I’m running this week.   Pink Pirouette, Baja Breeze & So Saffron.  Suits a girl, a boy and an hermaphrodite!!  Just kidding!! 



bbchoochoo ppchoochoo

So as you can see from the pictures above, I’ve used exactly the same stamps and layout, just changed the base  card stock, designer dsp, ink and ribbon.  I like doing that occasionally!!  I really love the Choo Choo set, it’s so cute!! Don’t forget it’s one of the sets in the new Spring Mini!  Don’t have one??  E-mail me! and i’ll send it out!

Anyway, if you need any details on the above cards, drop me a line.

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

Butterfly Canvas

Hello All!!  Yes, I am still around.  I am not really sure where the last week has gone to….there always seems to be something going on to keep me busy!!

Anyway!  Onto the Butterfly Canvas that I made using the Walk in the Park Designer Series Paper (which you can purchase from the Spring Mini!) and the Butterfly Nestablities (thanks Vickie ! :-) )



First of all I used the Baja Breeze re-inker to colour my white acrylic paint.  I painted the canvas and waited for it to dry.  The Butterflies didn’t take too much time to crank out.  I used Crystal Effects to adhere them onto the canvas in position.  Added some Kaiser Bling bits and I was done.

Hope you like it.  I have been loving the Walk in the Park papers.  They are just so much nicer in real life than the pictures in the catalogue!

Ok, that’s it for today.  I’m working on some more stuff and hope to be able to get to posting regularly again soon.  I’ve got a lot of medical appointments this week for Lara and some other stuff happening but i’ll try not to neglect the blog so much!!  LOL

Until next time!
Happy stamping!