Punch art class

Hi again.  Two days in a row. Oh my golly goodness.  This is nearly unheard of. Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll go back to sporadic blog posting again soon. This is surely just a phase i’m going through and it’s bound not to last! LOL

Just recently I ran a small class and the cards we made were punch art cards.  I was inspired by my favourite swap from convention by Pat Carr. Her swaps (there were two and I was lucky enough to get one of each!) were awesome!  I don’t know that my Fairytale princess Castle does hers justice, however, I had fun making it and that’s what’s important!  The frog card inspiration came from Linda Thompson and the little ballerina was one I had seen on the internet previously.

I think the little froggy was my favourite. He looks very happy don’t you think? lol

If you would like details of which punches i’ve used, shoot me an email and i’ll help you out. I’m too lazy to type them all here now!

Until next time,
Happy creating!!