Welcome little William

Hi! It’s been a full on month! I can’t believe we are nearly in NOVEMBER?!!!!  What the??  How did that happen!?  Crazy stuff!

Two weeks ago a new little man was bought into the world by my very talented Sister-in-Law, Carmel and her husband, Adam.  William David is soooo cute! And of course as the Aunty I had to be there asap to sniff and snuggle.  I wish I was closer so I could have cuddles everyday!

But! I digress as I could talk about how delicious tiny little babies are all. day. long!!  Here’s the piece of art I made for the little man’s room and the card to match:

And a bit of a close up:

And then the card:

Which looks very out of alignment….but I don’t think it looked that bad in real life! LOL

And because no post about a baby is complete without a picture of said baby….meet my darling nephew, William David…

I’ve scheduled a couple of posts for the next couple of days so don’t fall over when I post consecutively!!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

A birthday and a book…

Hello again!  I’m back.  I’m desperate to get some more stamping done but struggling to find the time at the moment.  Life has been crazy hectic with stuff on nearly every day.  Next week is looking the same if not worse!  But I do have something to show you!  A very late birthday present for my dear friend {and downline} Megan.  (Waving at ya Meges!!)

Megans birthday book

Megans birthday book inside

A birthday book made out of the Top Note Die!!  Clever aren’t I?  Even more clever to add my own birthday in there too!!  {hint hint, nudge nudge!}.

It was quick and easy to make and i’m gaining muchos muscles from all the cranking of the Big Shot handle! (well, not really but I can still dream! ha)

Until next time!!
Happy Stamping!!!

Welcome little one…

Ok, so I lied yesterday!  I didn’t think I’d get the chance to get back here.  Umm…can anyone say “Procrastination”??!!  LOL.  I *should* be packing and sorting.  Ah well…there is always tomorrow, right??

This morning I had to get a few gifts and one of those was just  a wee present for a new baby girl!  I grabbed some cute little bibs in some deliciously girly colours as even though the couple I’m sending the gift to have already got a child, it’s not pink!!  lol.  So therefore the colours in the middle bib dictated the colours I used on the box and card.  I am now officially in love with Sahara Sand, Regal Rose & Melon Mambo!!  Gorgeous!!

I whipped up this box and decorated it fairly quickly on my return (by quickly, I mean in less than 2 hours! That’s quick right?).  I used the Nursery Necessities and Sweet Little Sentiments.  The “windows” were cut with the curly label punch and I used a Stampin’ Up! Window behind it.




So, you like??  I like! I hope the recipient likes!!

Until next time (which really might not be for a week or so this time eh? lol)


A case of baskets or a basket case??

Hi!!  Remember me???  Yeah, I know! I know!  It’s been a while!  I do however have legitimate excuses for the absence in blogland!  My Lara has been quite ill and was in hospital for a week.  We are also in the process of selling our house and buying another one!  Crazy chaotic hectic life!!  Just imagine how much crap   err I mean stuff that a family of 6 can accumulate!!  We’ve been madly de-cluttering and getting ourselves sorted.  I had an immaculate craft room (Megan, it’s true!!) but the kids and I have been crafting away making some Easter Baskets.  I had misplaced my camera so I couldn’t take pictures of the room, but we’ve another open home next weekend so when it’s all beautiful again, i’ll take some photos and show you what i’m leaving (sob sob).

Ok, so the baskets!  Sorry I get a little chatty when i’ve been away from you for a while!  So without further ado, the plethora of baskets we’ve been making!

First up the little mini baskets for some children we’ll be seeing at a bbq on Easter Monday.  They are just made from a 6×6″ piece of card stock.  I’ve also added a little insert with a hole punched out so they don’t wobble about in there!
mini baskets

Then the basket I’ll be giving my next door neighbours.  Claire doesn’t eat chocolate (I know! A sin!) but David does.  So there are some jubes for Claire and some Chocolate for David!

pitchers basket

I’ve used the new Window Sheets from SU! to make the base of the box.  You can get them in the NEW MINI CATALOGUE!

pitchers basket2

The next two baskets are for the children next door.

jenna&billy baskets

And these little beauties, well!  They are the fantastic creations of three of my munchkins!!  We have from left to right: Alexandra, Katelin & Thomas.  All a little different, just like the kids themselves.

kids easter baskets

And below are all the baskets on the end of my table!  I’ve actually still got a couple more to make but after this lot should find the next couple a doddle to whip up!

easter baskets

All of the Designer series papers used in the above baskets are retired.  I’m trying very hard to use up some of my stash.  It’s actually a bit embarrassing how much stuff I really do have!

I hope that you have a happy & safe Easter break!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!

Not many more sleeps now!!!

OOOhhh it’s getting very exciting!!  Not too many more sleeps until Santa comes!!  I’ve been very busy doing all the things that being a mother of 4 brings!  Along with all the extra stuff that I like to do at Christmas!!

I’ve been busy making Puddings (chocolate kind), fudge, gifts and decorations with the kids.  Here’s some of what i’ve been up to in pictures.

rocky road puddings

I love Rocky Road puddings!!  I love the traditional kind too but I could make a whole bunch  of these real quick!!  Yum.  I did think of my hips though and gave them all away!!  LOL

Next was a whole bunch of these Calendar/Notepad holder thing-a-ma-jiggies.  I needed some gifts for Lara’s Physio, OT, Speech Therapist, Key Worker, Respite Carer and a few others that have been there this year on our Journey.  Fairly basic, no stamping but they looked good!  I also added a little packet of some Fudge I had made to each bag.

christmas gifts

I also made some cute trees and baubles but i’ll post those tomorrow!

Hope you’re all enjoying the Silly Season!!!

Until Next time,
Happy Stamping!

Envelope Scrapbook Tutorial

envelope scrapbook1

Remember my post about the Envelope Scrapbook I demonstrated at Regionals?  Well I’ve finally gotten around to doing a quick tutorial.  I’m sorry about the delay but I have had my holiday go-slows on!!  We got back from the Beach on Tuesday and I have had my Mum staying with me so I have just been enjoying doing not much of anything!!

Anyway you didn’t come here to hear me waffling.  With this scrapbook, you can have as many pockets as you please.  I chose four because I have four children.  I’m sure it would work with as many as you needed it to.

Start with a Whisper White Envelope with the flap open:

ES Tutorial1
Add sticky strip around the flap section, making sure that you do not go right up to the fold.  You want to leave a couple of milimetre gap to give you a little room to fill the pocket and still be able to open and shut the scrapbook easily.
ES Tutorial2

Carefully attach your first envelope to the second.  Ensuring that it’s straight and that the envelopes are both facing the same way.

ES Tutorial3

Keep adhering the envelopes together until you have the necessary amount for your scrapbook.  I used a circle punch to then take out the tab piece from the front of the envelope.  It helps to get the inserts out.

ES Tutorial4

The inserts for the envelopes measured 10cm x 15 cm.  I just used part of an I wish Scrapping Kit to decorate mine.  I think i’d like to do one using some different colours.  It would make a cute gift for a new baby too!

envelope scrapbook inserts

Very easy to put together! 

I hope that helped.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Until next time,
Happy stamping!


Regional Training Workshop Wow

Hi all.  I’m back today with pictures of the Workshop Wow that I presented at the Stampin’ Up! Regional training in Brisbane yesterday.   I must say it was highly nerve wracking to present to a group of my peers.  I am grateful that I didn’t trip going up the stairs!!  It was embarrasing when the microphone didn’t work and Aaron, the Business Development Manager for SU! Australia had to lift my shirt to fiddle with the microphone thing!  I had a Bridget Jones knicker moment!!  LOL.  I suppose that’s better than a diamonte thong though eh??  LOL

If I was clever, I would have taken many photos prior to the day, however it totally slipped my mind so I only have the one of my kids and not the other.  Same principle though.

envelope scrapbook1Above is the scrapbook closed with a ribbon acting as the belly band.  I have created this scrapbook using 4 Whisper White SU! Envelopes and part of the I Wish Simply Scrappin’ Kit.

Below is the album open.  Both stand up and flat.

envelope scrapbook open

envelope scrapbook open2

envelope scrapbook inserts

Above you can see the inserts that I added pictures of my kids to.  I also created a sample that was un-embellished using Bella Rose DSP.  The inserts were cut at 10x15cm. 

The other project I demonstrated was an accordian card holder.  I made this one using the I wish kit as well.  The other sample I made used the Bella Rose DSP.  Again no pics.  If I had a brain just think of what I could achieve!!!!  LOL

I wish accordian card holder

accordian card holder open

accordian card holder open with inserts

The other sample that I created had 4 little 3×3 love note cards inside.  This sample I created some tree decorations.  I love having pictures of the kids on the tree as I can track their changes each year!!  I think this would make a great gift for grandparents that have everything as well!!

I’m working on the tutorials for both of these projects and if you are interested, please email me.

I hope you enjoyed these.  I had fun making them and i’m very relieved Regionals are over!!  If you were there, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!

Christmas Gift Giving Class

Hi!  Gosh, a week since I posted.  What’s been happening??  Well, Miss Lara has had the tummy bug.  Still does.  Everything seems to hit her with a vengence.  We soldier on though!! No choice!!  LOL

In the stamping world I had my Christmas container for gift giving class on Thursday night.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves!!  LOL

And here’s what they made:

Christmas container class

And some close ups:

Santa bag closeThe Santa Bag.  I’ve seen a few little Santa’s on the internets so I just up-sized him and away I went.  I love punches!!

christmas matchbox
christmas matchbox open

The little (larger than standard) Matchbox box was a cutie.  I filled mine with some Jewellery for my niece for Christmas.  The papers are from the Ski Slope range.  Don’t forget we’ve only got until the 30th to order them as the Mini Catalogue expires then. :-(   I shall miss those papers!!

christmas stocking

christmas stocking open

Next was the hanging gift card holder in the shape of a stocking.  So cute.  I think I’m nearly tempted to buy some more people gift cards just so I can make some more!

christmas paper bag

Next was a little paper bag decorated with a big “bauble” tag.  I think in retrospect I should have drawn on the hanging bits and I may still go back and do that.  They iritate me now I’m looking closer!!  LOL.  I was in a hurry to get them finished!!  Stamp in haste, repent at leisure!! LOL The Tree Trimmings Stamps are also in the Spring Mini and won’t be available after 30 November.  Contact me if you’d like to put in a last minute order!!

And the last project was a gusseted cello bag which we stamped some white stazon ink onto and then made a simple topper for it.  I think I’m going for the simplistic Christmas this year!

Anyway, I do have other things to get around to showing you and hopefully I can get back to you before a week has past again.  I do however have another large week coming up!  I’m getting that nasty tooth out that’s been giving me grief tomorrow.  And I’m off to regionals on Saturday and i’ve NO swaps made yet.  EEEK.  Ah well.  There is always the night before!!  I do work well under pressure!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping Friends!

Love Note Accordian folder

Hi!!  I’m still around.  School holidays have been seriously sapping my energy and enthusiasm!  By the time I wrangle the children I have absolutely nothing creative left in me!!  But don’t worry – I still have some pictures up my sleeve of projects you haven’t seen. Phew!  LOL

This Love Note accordian folder was cased (copy and share everything) off the big wide internet somewhere.  I cannot find the link in my stuff and I’ve lost the info I wrote down.  So if you know who designed it originally i’d be happy to know so I can link back there.   And my apologies for being so disorganised.  (I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me though!)

The front.  I had to make the little circles with the twine.  I had fallen in love with the idea from some stationery i’d seen.  I love stationery!

accordian lovenote folder

And here it is open.  I used some velcro dots to hold it shut properly.  It just seemed to keep it neater.  I think you could use more than the 2 envelopes I used if you wanted more slots.

accordian lovenote folder open

This is the folder with the four cards I whipped up.  It became the gift for one of my downlines for hosting a team meeting at her house.  I *think* she liked it!!  LOL

accordian lovenote folder with cards2


accordian lovenote folder with cards

Supplies: All supplies are Stampin’ Up! (except the velcro dots).  The papers I used are Walk in the Park, available in the spring mini. 

Ok, I’m off to do battle with the children again.  They aren’t gonna love it but it’s time to do some tidying and sorting out of the accumulation of crap   I mean toys and clothes that are in their rooms!!  That is if I don’t decide to just lock them in there for a half an hour of peace first.  I am tempted!!  (no seriously, I DO love my children, I just don’t love the bickering…and the messes…and the attitudes!!)

Until next time friends!
Happy Stamping!!

Gift box & Card Class

Hi all!  Just a quick post tonight!  I’ve been trying to get this uploaded all day.  So when i’m up to time #6, you know you’re not going to get the waffling!!  Who knows, you may be grateful for that!!  LOL

This box & set of cards is a class i’m running this Thursday morning.  I’m also repeating it next Thursday night if you are interested, I still have places available (bookings essential).  I won’t be getting my supply of Bella Rose paper replenished prior to the class this week, but there are heaps of other patterned papers you can choose from. :-)


Above: Box shut with all the cards inside.
Below: Open with the belly band beside.


Below: The cards from the inside of the box.  The embellishments and ribbons will change to suit the papers you use, as will the stamp sets.


If you would like more information about this class, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until next time friends,
Happy stamping!