As Happy As A….

Sometimes in the mornings, when we’ve been rushing to get out the door and this Mummy has been a wee bit shouty and short and may (or may not have) lost her temper a little bit, everyone gets a little bit of a pout and grump on.  One day after a bit of a morning that was worse than normal with kids (and I) being grumpier than normal I took a deep, deep breath and decided to change our moods.  I wasn’t going to wallow in the grumpy anymore.  And as such we as a family (Sans Mr D who was at work) decided that day we would be “as happy as Unicorns on Rainbows eating Cupcakes”!! Because that is as happy as you can be!!! Seriously! How much more happy can a person get??

And so….that brings me to my card…..This is take #2 of the Rainbow Unicorn Series.  There will be many more to come.  I feel it deep, deep down in my cockles.

rainbow unicorn


Have an AWESOME weekend!

Madonna x

Where did February go?!?!!

Hello Hello!!  So much to catch up on!!!!  February was a crazy busy month and as such no blog posts from me!  Start of the month saw Mark and I celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary with a yummy dinner out in a lovely restaurant! Very grown up!  Then we had Missy Lara in hospital with a virus for a few days and still quite unwell in the first couple of weeks of Feb.  During this time I was madly madly trying to prepare 120 odd party favours for Mark’s Nan’s 90th Birthday party!!  Yep! I’m mad!  They turned out well and I was quite happy with them.  At her celebration I got to break out my Canon DSLR and was the “official” photographer on the day.  Here’s a pic of us with Nana Millie (minus Lara who stayed in Respite that weekend).

So after that weekend it was all systems go preparing for my Annual Mad Inkstincts Team Retreat!!  This is our third year of getting together and was our biggest year yet with 12 lovely ladies joining in to all the fun!!  We had a great time creating and crafting through the weekend!!  There are lots of bonuses to being a member of my team!!!  We had nearly every single stamp set from the catalogue along with most of the Big Shot dies and other accessories!!!  With all of those things available for our use, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming! I made sure we all had several challenges to keep us busy over the weekend.  I’ll be posting some of my cards for you to see over the next few days!

Until then,
Happy Stamping!!


Oh Dear Blog!

Dear Blog,

What a neglectful mother/owner/writer you have.  Posts for 2011 haven’t had a good average.  The world has seemed to have gotten busier and as such you have been the one who’s missed out on my time.  I do apologise if you’ve missed me.  I don’t apologise for the extra time spent with family and away from the computer!!

Blog, I won’t make promises i’m unable to keep in 2012.  For me the next year is about simplifying things.  De-cluttering the stuff in my life that isn’t so important. Now, now don’t go getting all in a tizzy. I’m *not* talking about you.  I mean the more physical clutter in my life.  Stuff I have kept for the “one day I’ll use this/need this” factor.

My next to littlest baby starts prep next year Blog!  Can you believe that!?!!  This is the child that wasn’t even one when you and I first hooked up!  Huh!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  So hopefully next year will see me get some organisation about how many days I’m creating and as such, how many times I can get on board and update you!  Are you excited?  I hope so.  Now, I’m not gonna promise miracles but we’ll aim for more than one post a month.

Anyway Blog, I just wanted you to know that you aren’t forgotten.  I’m gonna dust off the cobwebs and lets see what good things 2012 can bring us!!!  Have a Happy New Year to you and your visitors! May 2012 bring you peace and happiness along with whatever it is your goals are for the beginning of a New Year.  Cheers to New Beginnings and new Chapters of lives!!!

All my love,

Oh Hai!

Dear blog,

It wasn’t my intention to desert you again. My apologies….again!  I’ve been busy. With you know, stuff!  Life stuff.  I’ve had no classes or anything for a couple of weeks so that’s kept me quiet in the papercraft front. I have however, been busy taking pictures with my new camera and also doing a touch of sewing.  Now I know this is a papercraft blog, but would you like to see some of my other creative pursuits? Sure! I’d love to show you (just nod and smile, nod and smile!).

Firstly here’s a couple of my favourite pictures from a quick day trip to the country last week.  My Husband was born on a farm and his Mum still lives in the family home. My children enjoyed running in the same paddocks their Daddy did some Thirty odd years agp.

(can I add the above photo has not been edited in anyway. This is how glorious the day was. I know! Stunning!)

Ok so i’ve also made (with a little help and guidance from Mummy dear) a little handbag using some divine yellow with white polkadots! Too cute! Just the right size for sunnies, wallet, phone and keys for those quick trips to the shop etc.

And the inside:

Ok, that’s it! All i’ve got! I want to try and get to making cards but umm..well my desk is a bit of a mess at the moment and I can’t seem to find the time or motivation to clean it up…soon though! I promise!

Until next time!
Happy Creative Pursuits!


Melbourne Convention

Hi again!!  Just a quick convention post.  I’m sure you all have read heaps more interesting blogs than mine about all the wonderful stuff that happened.  I just thought I would show you my swaps.  If I’m allowed to say so, I loved my swaps this year.  They both made me happy on the inside! And we all know how good THAT is!! LOL

First swap was using Make a Monster.  I also did some punch art stuff and made a little planet!  I used the sentiment “Happy Birthday Human” from Lots of Bots set.  I just thought they kinda went well together.

The base is Pear Pizazz and the other colours used are Not Quite Navy & Peach Parfait.

The other swap I took was a fun one with a pinwheel made out of my fave colour, Daffodil Delight!

I should have probably taken it out of the plastic before I took the picture but… didn’t! LOL.  I used the new cupcake punch and cupcake stamp set to do the clouds.  I also used the new punch too.  The “hill” is embossed with the polka dot folder.

The level of swaps I received at convention this year was outstanding!  I was really happy with all the swaps I received and the best part of it was coming home and showing my kiddies.  Katelin, Tom and I spent an hour our so laying on my bed (in the sun!) going through them all and chatting about each one.  Here are some of my favourites:

If you want to know more about any of them, please let me know!

Now the last picture is the the gift I gave my roomies.  It was a hard cover notebook, some chocolates, a pen and some yummy hand cream.

Anyway, Hope you’ve enjoyed these pics.  Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Happy Stamping!

oh PS – how do you like the quality of the pictures!!??!!  New Camera!~ {LOVE}~

Devastating Flooding in Qld

There has been so much devastation in Queensland.  Flooding has meant my suburb is now an island.  I am thankful that i’m not in danger where I live however that is not the case for so many Queenslanders at the moment.  Toowoomba, Withcott, Gatton, Grantham and other areas within the Lockyer Valley have been devastated by flash flooding.   The footage in Toowoomba has been mind blowing.  There are currently 10 confirmed dead with over 90 people still missing.  Grave concerns are held for all their safety.

These are my local shops:

I spent 2 hours in Coles yesterday trying to get some supplies, knowing that it was likely to happen.


It’s very surreal here at the moment and the amount of destruction is devastating.

I hope that if you have family or friends in these areas that they are safe.


Happy New Year!!

I won’t promise to make resolutions of posting more frequently!  I know it would be broken within the month.  I was up early this morning with my Lara May and read a great post about resolutions from Dawn McVey. Go check it out here.   This year i’m going to continue to enjoy my family.  To love them as much as I can.  I’m not going to promise i’ll do it perfectly (though for those of you who know me…i’m pretty close eh? lol).

Thank you to all of you who have visited my blog in 2010, whether you leave comments or not!  Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support in my fundraising efforts!  I’ll be posting further about that in the coming month. I hope that this year I can continue to make cards and creative things that you like.

I hope that 2011 is a year of better health for Lara.  I hope it’s a year of good memories and good friends.  Special family time and just spending time.  I hope that your year is full of all the things your wanting as well.

Have a great day everyone!

All my love,


4 More Sleeps!!!

Wow!!  Only 4 more sleeps until We Stamp For Lara Begins!!!  How exciting!!!  I’ve been seeing all the fantastic creations that are coming in for tutorials and I can’t wait to start getting inky with you all!!!

Our goal was 200 people to sign up! We’re nearly halfway there.  Have you joined in yet??  I’ll be sending out the invites on Sunday night!!  Come on! Come have some inky fun with us!!

All tutorials are in Word format so you don’t need to worry about downloading massive files or videos. (Just one little video of my darling poppet!).  The Ning Forum that we’re using will be open to download files from until the END OF DECEMBER.  So you will have 2 Months to get everything that you need!!

There are OODLES of AWESOME prizes to be had!!  AND you are doing something GOOD!!  See??  Heaps of reasons to sign up!!

————————————–> Sign up on the right!!

See you there on Monday!!

Happy Stamping!


My New Studio!!!

Hi!  I’m very excited to share my space with you today!!  I finally got all my boxes unpacked on the weekend and everything is sorted and tidy again!  I did a little spot cleaning this morning and the room is back to looking nice and neat again!  Hooray!  Wanna see??

Madonna’s Stamping Studio Tour!!

The front of the converted garage.  What you see as you walk up my driveway…hopefully soon you won’t see any of the boxes that are there on the left soon!! LOL


Looking directly to  your left when you walk through the doors is my material and then two big Ikea cupboards full of …err…lots and lots of stuff!! Anyone need any quilting material?? Email me!!


Beside the white cupboards is my Expedit shelves (more Ikea! {love}).  These store my stamps, ribbons, accessories and Buck the Bigshot!!!


To the right of that is my stamping desk.  This has my inks, markers, tools I can’t live without (bone folder, piercer & mat pack, stamp mist etc).   The clear drawers hold the crop-a-dile, adhesives, and miscellaneous stuff I just might need straight away! Lol.  The brown filing cabinet under the desk holds all my cardstock.


The return beside that to the right is my laptop.  The drawers beside that hold my notebooks, I always seem to have about 74 on the go at once! It also holds my stationery, book and toy catalogues and some more miscellaneous stuff!)


My punches are kept higgledy piggledy in this moving baskety tower thing.  It’s easy to bring them to my desk or the table if I’m doing more serious crafting!!  I didn’t want to put holes in my yellow walls this time!!


Below are some other photos from different spots in the room:


(please excuse the boxes at the front, skip has arrived and we’ll be loading it up and getting them gone very very soon!!)


Special Mention to the Wonderful and Talented MEGAN HAYES for her assistance in the covering of the tins and mahoosive paperclips. Darling, as always your company was divine!! xo


So there you have it!  If you have any questions about anything, please get in touch!!

Until next time!
Happy stamping!!


Don’t hate me…

But i’m in Heaven in the new Studio/Craft room!!  Ooh it’s BLISS to be in my own space again.  It’s twice the size of my last room and so light and bright!  I’ve not moved all my crap errr stuff err  quality crafting supplies in yet but hope to have it completed by the end of this weekend.

Wanna see pictures???  Promise not to be too jealous??  Okay.  Well let me show you some pictures of the space I was creating in “before” the renovation.

old craft room

Cramped.  Messy. No storage for my stuff.  Horrid.

New room??  Much, much better!!  Here it is before I put stuff in it:

craft room empty

Things to note – a yummy yellow wall!!!  I am having an affair with yellow at the moment.  It makes me really really happy.  Take this as fair warning that you will be seeing yellow on the blog. A. Lot. Of. Yellow.  Specifically – Daffodil Delight!!  heehee

I thought I had a whole bunch of photos with pictures of the room with furniture but none of them are really great, so i’ll take some more this weekend and post them up soon.

We’re half way through the school holidays here!  Gosh time flies when you’re shouting at children to stop fighting!! LOL

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with some more pictures.

Until then,
Happy Stamping!