Welcome little William

Hi! It’s been a full on month! I can’t believe we are nearly in NOVEMBER?!!!!  What the??  How did that happen!?  Crazy stuff!

Two weeks ago a new little man was bought into the world by my very talented Sister-in-Law, Carmel and her husband, Adam.  William David is soooo cute! And of course as the Aunty I had to be there asap to sniff and snuggle.  I wish I was closer so I could have cuddles everyday!

But! I digress as I could talk about how delicious tiny little babies are all. day. long!!  Here’s the piece of art I made for the little man’s room and the card to match:

And a bit of a close up:

And then the card:

Which looks very out of alignment….but I don’t think it looked that bad in real life! LOL

And because no post about a baby is complete without a picture of said baby….meet my darling nephew, William David…

I’ve scheduled a couple of posts for the next couple of days so don’t fall over when I post consecutively!!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

Oh Hai!

Dear blog,

It wasn’t my intention to desert you again. My apologies….again!  I’ve been busy. With you know, stuff!  Life stuff.  I’ve had no classes or anything for a couple of weeks so that’s kept me quiet in the papercraft front. I have however, been busy taking pictures with my new camera and also doing a touch of sewing.  Now I know this is a papercraft blog, but would you like to see some of my other creative pursuits? Sure! I’d love to show you (just nod and smile, nod and smile!).

Firstly here’s a couple of my favourite pictures from a quick day trip to the country last week.  My Husband was born on a farm and his Mum still lives in the family home. My children enjoyed running in the same paddocks their Daddy did some Thirty odd years agp.

(can I add the above photo has not been edited in anyway. This is how glorious the day was. I know! Stunning!)

Ok so i’ve also made (with a little help and guidance from Mummy dear) a little handbag using some divine yellow with white polkadots! Too cute! Just the right size for sunnies, wallet, phone and keys for those quick trips to the shop etc.

And the inside:

Ok, that’s it! All i’ve got! I want to try and get to making cards but umm..well my desk is a bit of a mess at the moment and I can’t seem to find the time or motivation to clean it up…soon though! I promise!

Until next time!
Happy Creative Pursuits!


Another year older

My eldest turned 9 last week!  9!!  Where did those 10 years from when I fell pregnant go??  Seriously??!!  Just flew past in the blink of an eye!  She celebrated her birthday with 4 of her closest friends and had a sleep over.  My craft space was a little messy after they decoupaged frames, made cards and generally had a lovely time!

Here’s the card I made Katelin.  It was based on one I’d seen on you-tube by Diana Gibbs.  I guestimated with measurements etc.  That’s how I roll. LOL. Forgive me the squishy bits.  I had an argument with the wind on the day I was taking this picture.  I think it won!

Now 3 days after Miss K turned 9, Master Thomas was 7.  It’s always a very very big week in our house!!  Thomas celebrated his birthday on Friday with an under the sea pool party.  I showed you  the invitations in my post last week.  Here is what some of the decorations and what not looked like on the day:

I love making everything match.  Are you surprised?? LOL.  I love to theme the food as well.  Surprise! I was over the moon when I found an ice cube tray that made shark fin ice cubes!!!  It was awesome! Some blue cordial with soda water and it was a plethora of sharkies in my very own ocean!  Tommy had a great party and we loved seeing him enjoying his moment!

Now I made his card back on retreat at the end of Feb. I knew we were doing a pool party but I couldn’t resist having a play with Shell’s Monsters. So here’s his card:

AND! Because I like to be a bit matchy matchy (‘nuther surprise! lol), check out the wrapping paper!!  So cool!

That’s his happy face, in case you hadn’t noticed! lol

So there you have it.  Two older kiddies and a greyer mummy!  Next birthday on the calendar is mine!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a very nice camera.  Maybe it will make my cards look better??  hahahahaha

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!


EEK!! What a month!

Where to start??  I’ve been soooo busy over the last month I don’t know where to begin to catch you up with what’s been happening.  Here’s a little run down.

- My classes have resumed….at this stage i’m running 2 classes (one am, one pm) every three weeks. (email me if you’re in Brisbane Western Suburbs and are interested in attending)

- I organised team retreat.  Only 8 of my “girls” were able to make it this year.  We spent two nights enjoying ourselves on the Gold Coast. Making cards, laughing and getting to know each other better.  It was the second year I’ve run retreat for my MadInkstincts team and it was awesome!

- I had my gallbladder out.  On the Monday after retreat.  It’s been 3 weeks and i’m only just starting to feel myself again.  The first week was a little rough.  I could go into detail but i’ll spare you.  You’re welcome! LOL

- We slipped away for a nice family break for three nights on the Sunshine Coast courtesy of Xavier, the organisation that supports us with Lara.

- Lara’s been ill.  Not sure what it is.  But it’s not been co-operating with the antibiotics and buggering off.  Sigh.  And I thought having the Tonsils, grommets and adenoids done would make a difference this year. Sigh.

- I have been planning Thomas’s 7th Birthday “under the sea” pool party. His birthday is the 25th of this month.

- Katelin is turning 9 on the 22nd of this month.  Currently as I type this, she is giggling and laughing and cavorting with 4 of her dearest friends in our playroom.  Sleep is elusive when you have a bunch of girls together!

- I’ve been planning a baby shower for a friend.  Duck themed.  It’s going to be so cute!

- I’m trying to get my tax for last year done.  I’m a little challenged when it comes to paperwork.

Hmmmmnn is that it??  I think so!  That and the general day to day running around that comes with a husband and four children!

I have a few pics to share so i’ll get on with that shall I??

The two cards from my first class back this year.  Aviary stamp set from the soon to be finished Mini and the Sweet Summer Sale A Bration set you could get free if you spend $100.

Master Tommy’s Birthday Invitations:

Ornament Punch as a fish along with the 5 petal flower punch.  They were so cute! Sorry about the picture quality, I believe I took the photo at late o’clock at night!

Ok, that’s me up to date in my world.  I don’t know if anyone is still reading or following the blog, however, i’ll try to get back here with some more pics of cards and stuff I made on retreat!


Happy Stamping,

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I’m not sure that i’ve even got any readers left after my abysmal posting record for the last few months!!  I’m hoping January can bring some regularity back!?!

I can’t do a post without some kind of picture to show you so here is the paper poinsettia flowers that I made for We Stamp For Lara:

December 14 saw Miss Lara head into hospital for the “routine” op to insert grommets and remove tonsils and adenoids.  Whilst we knew that any kind of surgery or anaesthetic has it’s risks and that nothing would be routine, we didn’t anticipate the development of the pneumonia and being in hospital for a week.  She was so sick and in so much pain it was heartbreaking.  The decision to have the op was not done lightly, however when she was on antibiotics for ear and chest infections from March until October, we needed to do something to help improve her quality of life.  Thankfully she is on the mend now, albeit slowly.  I was concerned there that we’d not be together for Christmas but all is well!!  I am so grateful to all the gorgeous nurses that work at the Mater Children’s Private Hospital.  They’re all angels and looked after my baby so well!!

We have been busy doing last minute preparations for Christmas this week as well.  I *thought* I was organised.  Then my two big ones tell me that they have asked Santa for *certain* things.  If Santa wants the magic of Christmas to continue, he’d better get his elves onto those specific gifts this morning! Lucky we’re all traipsing off to the shops to get the Santa pictures done this morning.  I was devastated to think that for the first time in 8 years we wouldn’t have a photo, but we’re going to be braving the hoards of crazy shoppers and having a quick pic with Santa!  Yay.  Happy Heart again!

Anyway, if  you’ve stayed with the rambling this long you’re to be commended!

My wish to you all is for a Happy & healthy Christmas!!!  May your day be filled with the people  you love the mostest!  I’ll see you all in the New Year!!



It’s starting to look a lot like…


I’m sorry I’ve been so neglectful of the poor old blog!!  It’s been so crazy this last month I don’t know where the time has gone.  To think! It really nearly IS Christmas!!  Lucky I’m just about done on the present front.  Still need to get one more gift.  But it’s a tricky one so I’m not sure about it.  I’ve spent an age today getting all my Christmas cards done.  Last week was spent finishing up teacher gifts.  Wanna see some of what I’ve been doing??  I’ll make it up to you for my absence with a photo heavy post eh??

Ok, teacher gifts.  My Kate had 2 teachers this year and Tommy just the one.  I also wanted to make gifts for the extra special ladies from Xavier Children’s Support Network that support my Lara and our family.  Here’s what the outside looked like:

A close up of the tags:

And the following picture is of the Male Teacher’s gifts.  The girls ones were a bit different, I used a variety of papers for those but didn’t think to get pictures!  The girls also got a covered notebook as well.  The small diaries all had the teachers initials on them. The little bags were made using a Big Shot Die and I filled them with treats.

I love making the tags match the kraft coloured bags.  They looked so impressive all lined up in a row. So cute!!

This year I wanted to incorporate a photo of the kids in the Christmas card.  Snapfish had a great special on photo cards so I used them to print a panel with a greeting and then I used some red and white bakers twine to give a lift and added it to a card base so I could write a message on the inside as well.  I know that seems like a lot of work, but I didn’t want to “cheat” too much!! LOL

Then I made a whole stack of cards for my down line and other Stamping Friends.

My favourite was the one with the Melon Mambo Base:

I used a non-Stampin’ Up! texture plate to get the Merry Christmas embossing on the Marina Mist Card stock.  A bit of a non-traditional Christmas coloured card!  I hope everyone likes them!

Ok, I’ll run along now as i’ve still got Miss Alexandra’s 3 teacher gifts to make.  No rest for the wicked I say!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!

All about Lara May

Well this last little while seems everything has been geared toward my littlest one and the fund raiser!!  It’s still going on and it’s not too late for you to join us on the NING forum.  You just need to direct deposit into Lara’s account and then send me an email.  So far we have raised around $8000 for Missy Lara!!  Isn’t that fantastic??

Now, if you aren’t sure about joining up on the forum, we’re offering a disc with all the tutorials on it at the end of November. It will be available for $35 which includes postage to you (Aust/NZ only, US residents contact me if you would like a quote on postage.)

So we’ve been sooo busy with We Stamp For Lara that i’ve hardlyhad time to scratch myself!!  Between all that entails and everything it’s been a bit crazy!  I haven’t had a chance to come back and update the bloggo for a while! Sorry about that!!

But to make it up to you, let me show you a picture of one of the tutorials that I’ve designed for We Stamp For Lara.  If you’d like the instructions, then you know what you need to do!!! LOL

I hope to get back soon with some more pics to share with you.  It’s been a busy few weeks.  Miss Lara turned two last Friday and we had a big celebration with family and friends over the weekend!  We had a good friend who’s a brilliant (slurp slurp) photographer, take some pics of the kids last week as well and i’ll leave you with a sneaky peek of my 4 darlings!!

Happy Stamping!!


PayPal Information

Hi everyone,

I just want to update you with info on what’s been going on.  PayPal have limited my account until I am able to provide them with information on the Sanction etc.  Even though I crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s.  I even contacted PayPal prior to putting up the buttons on our sites asking them if I needed to provide them with documentation.

I cannot even withdraw the nearly $8000 that you have all so generously donated at this time until the investigation is complete.  This is exactly what happened to Tina and it’s why we made sure we had our paperwork in place.  Apparently that doesn’t seem to matter.

I am so angry.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry before.  I told the fellow at PayPal that I will not let this rest until they have released my funds.   I told him that I would take this to every single National TV station, newspaper and radio in Australia telling everyone what they have done.  Who’s going to resist the story of a Mother trying to do the very best for her disabled child?  And when I’ve exhausted all avenues in Australia, I will start on the US.  I told him that if I do not get access to my funds until after my sanction is valid to (31 January) that they will be very sorry.

So if you have friends that you want to join up or know of anyone else who’s interested, please direct them to Lara’s trust account:

Heritage Building Society
Mrs M J Dunn T/F Lara May Dunn
BSB 638010
A/C #:  12189650

So pass along the message girls.  We will make sure that PayPal release the funds quickly.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool.  An angry Mother is another one!

Love and Hugs,


One More Sleep!!

SO EXCITED!!  We Stamp For Lara kicks off TOMORROW!!!  woohoo!!

Just wanted you to know we won’t be shutting off joining at all.  You will still have access to all the files and information all month long no matter when you join us!!

We have reached our goal of 200 members and are now creeping up to 300.  Come join us!! We’re going to have a ball!!

Chat soon,


We Stamp For Lara!

It’s with a happy heart that I announce the We Stamp For Lara Fundraiser!!  In conjunction with Alisa Tilsner and a host of other talented demonstrators from around Australia we bring you a month of tutorials!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Until next time,
Happy Stamping!